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Are you hesitating to Work Online?

Hesitating to Work at HomeWorking at home is easier and more convenient than working at an office. It is a becoming trend for businessmen to hire personal assistants and employees to work at home but people are still skeptic about the success of a homebased career. There are two things to remember when I am discussing home-based work, this is in fact a work and I have an employer. I do not own any home-based business that I am promoting although I truly want to start one myself.

A close friend of mine was curious about the nature of my work and I explained thoroughly what I do for a living.Hesitating Mom Somehow, she got the notion that all I am doing is Facebook-ing online. That is hardly what I do but I do not deny that I am online on Facebook.

My friend’s outlook on a home-based career is not uncommon and we are usually looked down upon and ridiculed by people who thought we are wasting time and we do not have stable jobs. Working at home and in an office presents the same problems of being fired from an employer if you do not perform well. Also, you get your paycheck but working at home may also have some drawbacks in terms of getting paid. I believe it is just a matter of patience.


7 Steps to Set up A Router

How To Set up A Router Manually

I just purchased a brand new router because my old one broke down and I cannot get online both wired and wireless. Since I work at home, I need to ensure that my connection is at its utmost performance as I talk to people on skype and do video conferencing.

routerAs I was going through the manual and setting up the router, my training kicked in. To let you know, before I became a work at home mom, I was a technical support agent for networking products and I troubleshoot routers, range expanders, wireless adapters, hubs and other devices 8 hours a day and believe me, I wouldn’t ever forget how to set those things up.

More people are hopping on to cyberspace and I remembered that my clients were very frustrated at having to wait on hold for 30 minutes waiting for their turn and have an agent answer the call. So I decided to write a little tutorial on how to set up routers and get internet access right away.

Some networking companies have a set up disk packaged together with the router and you’ll just run the set up and it’ll configure the device for you. If it doesn’t work, then follow these steps:

For Cable Internet Connection (Cox, Comcast, Roadrunner etc)

  1. Hardwire a computer or laptop directly to your modem. This is to make sure that you have internet connection on your modem. If you can get internet that way then you can proceed to set up your router. If not, do a powercycle then check if you have internet. If nothing happens, then call your ISP. This is better than wasting your time trying to call your router manufacturer as they cannot help you with your modem.
  2. Reset your router. Look for a reset button and press and hold it down for 30 seconds. Make sure that you see the power light is blinking. Do a powercycle.
  3. Now this is the step you’d probably hate the most. Have your modem connect to the internet port of your router, hardwire your pc to port 1. Make sure that internet, power,wlan, and port1 lights are lit. If not, recheck your cable connection.
  4. Click on the start button, then go to Run. Type in CMD. This will bring up the command prompt. Type in ipconfig/all. Take note of your default gateway (in most cases
  5. Open up your browser and type on the address bar. You will be prompted to log in. By default try admin for username and password.
  6. On the set up tab, which is the first tab that you will see when you entered the router’s user interface, look for a button that said “MAC Address Clone”. Press that button.
  7. Look for a Status Tab. On that page, take note if you have values on the IP Address and WAN. Open a different browser and check if you have internet connection.
It’s that ehrm, easy to set up a router! You’re done! Who knows, if you think you can already do it and consider yourself a network specialist, you can earn by troubleshooting and setting up your neighbor’s network. It can very well become a great gig for you to earn extra income.

Working at Home Careers – Which job is for you?

There are different jobs for different people. Here’s a list of jobs that you can do depending on the skills that you have.

taking surveys1)      Taking Surveys. There are a lot of programs online that’ll help you start this online job. Basically, all you got to do is answer surveys from several companies and you are paid per survey that you have completed. In that case, the more surveys you were able to complete that day, the more money you have. One thing that you have to remember is to verify if that program is legitimate.

2)      Writer. Content is king. I have read this somewhere and I totally agree with it. There will be no shortage for the need of content. So, if you love writing about difference niches, then this job is definitely for you. The pay may be low at first as you are tested in quality and frequency but will soon go up when you have mastered article or content writing.

3)      Graphics Artists. There are two ways that you can work if you are a graphics artist. You can sell your services through websites like Homegiggers.com wherein you will create or design per project or you can work full time for a company.

4)      Virtual Assistant. Working as a virtual assistant is like a secretary except that you don’t have to make coffee for your boss (kidding). You are responsible for admin tasks, customer interaction and the likes.

Virtual Assistant5)      Mystery Shopping. If you love shopping, then this is your niche. You get to shop and look for unique items for a client.

6)      Buy and Sell. This job is more like e-commerce, where you sell your stuff online. If you do not have your own website, then you can make use of websites like ebay, amazon, etc.

7)      Affiliate Marketing. I am sure you are familiar with affiliate marketing. You sell products from companies and earn commissions when you have sales using the unique ID given to you by your affiliate program. You can sign up with Clickbank, Amazon and other websites that offers affiliate program. There are also several ways to do this; you can set up your own website to market the products or advertisement them on blogs and other web2.0 sites.

8)      Blogging. You can earn through royalties and Google Adsense program through blogging. You have to make sure your content is readable and people can relate to it.

9)      Developer. A software developer or programmer who has skills that are important to internet marketing or the likes has the potential to earn big bucks. You can work for a company, sell your services or create/develop your own program and sell it.

10)   Consultant. If you are an expert in the field of business, relationship and personality development you can earn extra income doing what you love.

There are more jobs that you can think of, what you need is patience and you have to love what you are doing.

How To Become an SEO Freelancer in 3 Days

Want to Work as an SEO Freelancer?

Become an SEO Freelancer in 3 Days

I get a lot of requests from friends and colleagues saying they wanted to work online. Unfortunately, most of the jobs offered online are virtual assistant work, programmer, designer, content writer and SEO Link Builder and it’s either they don’t have the skill or just don’t have any knowledge of it.

I have worked as a virtual assistant and SEO freelancer/Link Builder for 3 years already and I have gathered ideas through experience.  I am putting up this tutorial to help people who wanted to work online and I’ll try to make this as easy as possible.

This is going to be a very lengthy post!

SEO NewbieSEO Freelancing the Newbie Way

So, you’ve decided to learn about SEO and Link Building. Let us start with your desire to learn. Probably my post is just one of the numerous posts you have bookmarked and tracked and what not for an SEO tutorial hoping that something, somehow you’d understand everything. There is no better way to gain knowledge than to work on an SEO project yourself. But heck, how can you land a job if you don’t know everything, right? Well, I say, you’re wrong. You just have to have more knowledge than your prospective employers.

How to have that edge over your would-be employers? It’s actually very easy. Start learning from scratch and work your way up. Most of the time, they are very helpful as long as you don’t come to them empty-handed or come running everytime you’re stuck with a problem.


What? Are you kidding me? Nope, I’m not. I found myself doing copy-paste work for at least 75% of the time and it really is boring. But hey, better than nothing right?

I assume that having heard this is more of a copy-paste job probably raised your spirits a little higher. I intend to do so. SEO is a very complicated job and one of the nastiest out there. Why? Mainly because there is no formula to guarantee success in rankings.

I hope that you have read my blog post about Google and Rankings. If not, please read it, then come back to this post ^_^

Let’s ROLL

Day 1

Learn the basics of SEO and Link Building. Search Engine Optimization’s goal is to have a website that search engines love. Meaning it is indexed in several search engines and is displayed in SERP’s. Link Building is the backbone of SEO. It is a process of creating links to boost your authority on the search engine rankings.

There are two forms of Search engine Optimization:

  1. On Page SEO – this is where you optimize the website itself to contain proper titles, attributes and meta tags. This makes the crawlers index your website better and searchability is higher as well.
  2. Off Page SEO – this is backlinking wherein you divert most of your efforts into building several types of backlinks

I classify SEO work in three ways: white, gray and black. Why the colors? White hat SEO are tactics of building links. White hat link building is manual labor and a minimal software is used to conduct the process. Gray SEO is in between both and may use softwares to build links in moderation. Black hat SEO is the type of building links that blasts thousands of backlinks per site per day using automated software and other shady tactics.

Learn how to build anchor texts using HTML and how to do on Page SEO. I won’t dwelve too much on this but here is a very good reference on that subject:

Free SEO Software

The blog post also have similar tutorials so read more about SEO and Link Building here:

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Everything You Need to Know About SEO

There you have it. End of Day 1 and I bet you’re head is reeling with information overload symptoms. Sleep on it and we still have Day 2 ahead.


I just sent you off to somebody’s blog post right? Well, they are more of an authority on SEO and I also learned a lot from them. As I have mentioned this tutorial is basically what I have done myself!

You have read about keyword research and link building tactics. SEO is very broad and I want to share this tip.

Focus on one area of search engine optimization.

For example, you may want to focus on keyword research and you can do so. Read more about keywords and how to do proper keyword research. Or, you can focus more about link building and how to build links.

Go over the tutorials again and analyze what interests you the most and what you think you can do. After that, read tutorials on it. If you don’t know something about anything, Google it.

How to Become a Link Builder

How to Get Quality Backlinks

Lots of tutorials eh? Study more and take your time digesting it.


Experience is the best teacher. So for the last day, I want to share with you something that got me where I was right now. I have learned a lot in two days and there is only one way that I can think of testing my knowledge in SEO.

I built my own blog and did SEO work on it!

Since I do not have any means of doing actual SEO work on a website, I published my own blog on wordpress and blogger. I published keyword rich original content, did on page seo and built backlinks to it. I kept working on my blog for 2 weeks and I saw my efforts finally paid off. I built backlinks manually, looked for semi automated softwares to help me with my work and a lot of stuff.

The bonus thing, is that when I applied for work, I already had something to show my employers that I know SEO (although very basic) on a beginner’s level. I continued to devour tutorials and this time, I had tools and a real website at my disposal. I consulted my ideas to my employer and implemented them myself.

Awesome List of Job Sites

I have already covered the basics of working online like how you get to be paid and withdrawing your earnings as well as what jobs you’d want. If you haven’t read those, then here are the links:

Working at Home Careers | Which job is for you?

Ways to Get Paid

How to Withdraw your Earnings

Also, I have mentioned in my first blog that there are several ways to earn money online so I’ll do my best to categorize these job sites and provide as much description as possible.

My Personal List of Job Sites

Craigslist – This is an online classified ads that you can definitely look for jobs ranging from writers to web developers and jobs abroad. You do not need to create an account or sign up for anything.

Tip: The email address of the employees are changed in to this format: jobxxxxx123@craigslist.org.  I specifically mention this because there are several friends of mine who are confused on how they will send their resumes and application letters. The main purpose of this obscurity is to protect the employer from spam.

Craigslist is a good avenue to look for jobs, however, you have to be careful because there are several people who posted jobs with very low salaries. Try looking at other job sites and compare rates.

OnlineJobs.Ph – Another online job directory. This one is a giant and needs to be set up properly. You need to create an account and sign-up. They provided an online resume that you can fill up with your skills and such. Be as accurate as possible when rating your skills on different levels because it helps employers gauge you.

Tip: Upload a video of yourself if that’s possible to increase chances of getting hired. Also, create a knockout summary of your skills and basically sell yourself.

After creating your account, you will be amazed that several employers are willing to interview you! I am not saying that it is this easy but as time goes by and your experience is piling up, you’ll pretty much receive invites straight to your email. When you’re hired by an employer, your resume will be marked as hired. 

Freelance Sites

I separated these list of websites because they are basically into a system of freelancing. They have their rules and they perform as a middleman between you and your employer. They also have time tracker that takes screenshots of your pc, a payment system in which you are billed by the hours that you worked, and the bidding system.

Odesk – You need to create account and undergo several process of verification. To be a odesk contractor, you have to submit valid ID’s or proof of identification to their webmaster before lift the limit of job quota that you have. For a non verified contractor, the quota is set to 2, but if you’re verified already, that is set to 20 job quotas. Job Quotas refers to the number of companies or clients that you can send your application letter. If after several days and you haven’t heard from them, you can remove them so you can apply to others.

Tip: Several freelancers bid on a project or a job. I do not recommend lowering your rates just to win a job as you are just picking up a large stone to hit your head. Think of a reasonable rate and make sure that you can justify it.

Elance – Pretty much the same system with odesk.

Well, there you have it. My list is very short since I am just mentioning those job sites that are AWESOME! Now, I suggest that you sign up, create a profile of yourself and see how it goes.

Happy Job Hunting!