How To Get Your Website on the First Page of Google

SEO and Link BuildingHere we go again. I am not an expert but as my blog indicated these are just my ideas and I want to share them with you and hopefully, you’ll get something out of it. This is how I understood the process of SEO and Link Building, if you have comments and suggestion then feel free to leave a comment. That way, I’ll be able to broaden my knowledge of the subject matter.

Let’s move on…

I am going to discuss why it is very important to have your website on the first page of Google and it may sound very common but at least you understood the basics rather than reading a very complicated explanation of the process.

The Scenario

How did you came about my post? Well, the answer might be different from each person. If you are trying to type in the google search bar with this keyword “how to get your website on the first page of Google”, you’ll most likely see this:

How To Get Your Website on The First Page of Google

That is the first page of Google’s SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). Chances are, you are going to browse those sites and read their content. I don’t have my blog there yet! Crap! This blog might be on Page 20 where nobody or just a few people will bother looking for it. It is a common habit for people to look for results or pages relevant to their search terms until page 5 but not more than that. In that case, you are missing out on a lot of traffic and potential sales!

How Does Google Determine Who Goes on What Page and Order?

Google Search ResultsBusiness owners, bloggers and the rest of the pack realized the importance of getting that coveted position and because of that they tried every method thus SEO and Link Building was born.

Google and other search engines uses an algorithm that calculates your website’s authority. The higher your authority on your keyword/search term/niche is, the better you are placed on the rankings. The problem is, Google doesn’t broadcast how their algorithm works. There are several ways to rank on Google and ultimately it is about the quality of your backlinks.



Backlinks are the those websites that are linking to you. It’s a vote saying that you have good website and such. If you have lots of this then that will establish your authority. However, it is also important to know that not all backlinks are good. Stay away from porn sites,scam sites and typical “bad neighbors” and you’ll do well.

5 Ways To Get Your Website on the First Page of Google5 Ways To Get on The First Page of Google

  1. Build plenty of backlinks – make sure to get backlinks from websites that have high page rank. Make your links natural or organic.
  2. Get your website from fresh and original content
  3. Drive traffic through social media sites and other web2.0 websites
  4. Do On-Page Optimization – optimize your website to load faster, have keywords and meta tags
  5. DO NOT RUSH! – The ultimate pitfall of all webmasters and website owners. They wanted to get their websites on Google right away. Well, that won’t work!

There you have it. The steps are pretty common and broad, but I have more posts that’ll discuss these steps in detail. To be honest, it’s a way to keep you reading my blog! (LOL)


If You Don’t Know Something about Anything, Ask Google!


The title of this post came to me when I tried to work online. Since I am a newbie, I tried looking up several tutorials to help me learn anything and be qualified for a job.

The biggest giant of all search engines out there is Google. I do not need to expound on this because I am pretty sure that you query terms on this search engine everyday for whatever purpose. Students look for ideas, research and assignments on the internet and they immediately type on the browser. How’s that? Writers look for materials to write about, as well other people on all walks of life.

Typing the Right Word

Have you experienced typing such a long string of words on Google and sifting through the search results pages for the information that you needed? I’m sure you do. How about getting results not even related to what you are looking for? Have you wondered how Google displays the results according to your search terms?

Knowing the right search terms or keywords will help you get the results that you needed fast and accurate on several websites; on the other hand, not doing it right will give you information that is not related to your subject.

freelancerWho Writes The Content

After typing in the keywords and getting results, you are going sift through the pages to look for a site that has the facts or information that you needed. Who wrote that content? How were they able to publish it online? They are authors or bloggers that write content for websites or their own blogs.

Content is King

Google is looking for fresh, new content everyday. Therefore, if you can write original articles, you can definitely earn money. Website owners are also looking for people to write content to promote their products or websites. It’s a chain and writers play the most important part.

If you love writing and can write about different topics, then why not become a freelance writer?