How To Withdraw Your Earnings

There are several ways to withdraw your earnings but I will be discussing three of the most common mediums that are used.


Paypal is the most common gateway for work at home jobs and the easiest to get paid. If it is your first time setting it up, then you can sign up here. All that you need is a valid email address that is used to tie your account. You are also allowed to add multiple email accounts to your paypal.

After setting up your paypal account, you can now receive payments,however, you need to get it verified.

tip If your paypal is not verified, there is a sending and withdrawal limit policy. Therefore, you cannot use your funds to purchase online if they require a verified paypal account. Also, you cannot encash your money.

Fear not though because for you to lift the sending and withdrawal limits, all you need is a VISA credit or debit card.

I haven’t used any other card but EON Debit Card from Unionbank.

You can apply for your own eon debit card at any Unionbank branches. Just present two valid ID’s and PHP 500. The 500 Peso is needed to fund your eon account so that it can be linked to your paypal account. In the verification process, paypal deducts 250PHP on your account but is fully refundable once you have verified your account.

You’ll get your eon debit card after 5 business days. The next thing to do is enroll your eon debit card to their online banking facility. This will help you keep track of your transactions online without having to make trips to your bank. Enrollment process takes about 2-3 business days.

The process:

  • Log in to your paypal account and click on the get verified link. You will be instructed to fill out a form. (name, address, contact number, email address)
  • Put in your credit card and bank account number, the CV and the bank code. Click Verify.
  • When you are done, wait for a couple of hours then log-in to your unionbank eon cyber account and check your last ten transactions. You will see that paypal deducted and amount from your deposit money together with a 4digit code. Enter that 4 digit code on your paypal account and you’re done!

If you are more of a visual person, here is a video tutorial: