How To Become an SEO Freelancer in 3 Days

Want to Work as an SEO Freelancer?

Become an SEO Freelancer in 3 Days

I get a lot of requests from friends and colleagues saying they wanted to work online. Unfortunately, most of the jobs offered online are virtual assistant work, programmer, designer, content writer and SEO Link Builder and it’s either they don’t have the skill or just don’t have any knowledge of it.

I have worked as a virtual assistant and SEO freelancer/Link Builder for 3 years already and I have gathered ideas through experience.  I am putting up this tutorial to help people who wanted to work online and I’ll try to make this as easy as possible.

This is going to be a very lengthy post!

SEO NewbieSEO Freelancing the Newbie Way

So, you’ve decided to learn about SEO and Link Building. Let us start with your desire to learn. Probably my post is just one of the numerous posts you have bookmarked and tracked and what not for an SEO tutorial hoping that something, somehow you’d understand everything. There is no better way to gain knowledge than to work on an SEO project yourself. But heck, how can you land a job if you don’t know everything, right? Well, I say, you’re wrong. You just have to have more knowledge than your prospective employers.

How to have that edge over your would-be employers? It’s actually very easy. Start learning from scratch and work your way up. Most of the time, they are very helpful as long as you don’t come to them empty-handed or come running everytime you’re stuck with a problem.


What? Are you kidding me? Nope, I’m not. I found myself doing copy-paste work for at least 75% of the time and it really is boring. But hey, better than nothing right?

I assume that having heard this is more of a copy-paste job probably raised your spirits a little higher. I intend to do so. SEO is a very complicated job and one of the nastiest out there. Why? Mainly because there is no formula to guarantee success in rankings.

I hope that you have read my blog post about Google and Rankings. If not, please read it, then come back to this post ^_^

Let’s ROLL

Day 1

Learn the basics of SEO and Link Building. Search Engine Optimization’s goal is to have a website that search engines love. Meaning it is indexed in several search engines and is displayed in SERP’s. Link Building is the backbone of SEO. It is a process of creating links to boost your authority on the search engine rankings.

There are two forms of Search engine Optimization:

  1. On Page SEO – this is where you optimize the website itself to contain proper titles, attributes and meta tags. This makes the crawlers index your website better and searchability is higher as well.
  2. Off Page SEO – this is backlinking wherein you divert most of your efforts into building several types of backlinks

I classify SEO work in three ways: white, gray and black. Why the colors? White hat SEO are tactics of building links. White hat link building is manual labor and a minimal software is used to conduct the process. Gray SEO is in between both and may use softwares to build links in moderation. Black hat SEO is the type of building links that blasts thousands of backlinks per site per day using automated software and other shady tactics.

Learn how to build anchor texts using HTML and how to do on Page SEO. I won’t dwelve too much on this but here is a very good reference on that subject:

Free SEO Software

The blog post also have similar tutorials so read more about SEO and Link Building here:

Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Everything You Need to Know About SEO

There you have it. End of Day 1 and I bet you’re head is reeling with information overload symptoms. Sleep on it and we still have Day 2 ahead.


I just sent you off to somebody’s blog post right? Well, they are more of an authority on SEO and I also learned a lot from them. As I have mentioned this tutorial is basically what I have done myself!

You have read about keyword research and link building tactics. SEO is very broad and I want to share this tip.

Focus on one area of search engine optimization.

For example, you may want to focus on keyword research and you can do so. Read more about keywords and how to do proper keyword research. Or, you can focus more about link building and how to build links.

Go over the tutorials again and analyze what interests you the most and what you think you can do. After that, read tutorials on it. If you don’t know something about anything, Google it.

How to Become a Link Builder

How to Get Quality Backlinks

Lots of tutorials eh? Study more and take your time digesting it.


Experience is the best teacher. So for the last day, I want to share with you something that got me where I was right now. I have learned a lot in two days and there is only one way that I can think of testing my knowledge in SEO.

I built my own blog and did SEO work on it!

Since I do not have any means of doing actual SEO work on a website, I published my own blog on wordpress and blogger. I published keyword rich original content, did on page seo and built backlinks to it. I kept working on my blog for 2 weeks and I saw my efforts finally paid off. I built backlinks manually, looked for semi automated softwares to help me with my work and a lot of stuff.

The bonus thing, is that when I applied for work, I already had something to show my employers that I know SEO (although very basic) on a beginner’s level. I continued to devour tutorials and this time, I had tools and a real website at my disposal. I consulted my ideas to my employer and implemented them myself.


The Importance of SEO Writing

SEO writing

Writing is a form of literature that requires skillful use of words and thought. Search engine optimization on the other hand makes use of several techniques to help search engines index your website. But what is seo writing and why is it important?

SEO writing is both an art and a form of science. It makes use of the skill to craft great content but with an eye for detail like inserting keywords or key phrases, links, pictures and videos for search engine optimization purposes. Search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and Bing have set standards for websites that can rank in the coveted page one of search engines and this is to build a number of good quality backlinks.

Articles are one of the main sources of backlinks. However, the articles should have good original content and submitted to several article directories. If you have a number of articles written and submitted with links pointing to your website, it shows that your website has an authority in the chosen niche.

More businesses are changing their marketing strategy and are using seo writing one of the sources of traffic in the internet. Not only is it cheap but it has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. Articles are written in several different fashions to fit the required needs of a product. It can be aimed to educate the masses, sell and even educate readers but ultimately, provide what the website needs; website traffic.

SEO BlogSearch engines are also looking for quality content and people who are working as writers for blogging purposes are earning as well. Websites like Hubpages, Squidoo, WordPress and Blogger are web 2.0 sites that are adsense enabled; meaning major search engines put ads in relevant contents solely based on keywords. For instance, you love dogs and you wrote a great hub or post about tips on taking care of dogs. Ads that are placed in your post are relevant to dogs as well. Readers who are interested in your content will most likely see the ads. If a person clicks on the ad and makes a purchase, that is how you make money by blogging.

Seo writing is an in-demand skill and a lot of people are jumping on the train. Entrepreneurs are spending money like crazy to have good content linking to their site and promote their products as well. If you want to make some money doing seo writing, here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Choose the niche that you want to write about. Target readers and adjust your writing style to fit their needs and provide as much information as possible. That means, if you’re going to write about food and healthy living, it is wise to better educate the readers or consumers about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle than promoting several unrelated products at once.
  • When writing with targeted keywords in mind, put them in the right places to make it natural. Stuffing your article with keywords is not also recommended and is usually frowned upon by search engines.

These seo writing tips will help you start on the road but practice makes perfect. Before making this a career, try publishing some of your works and see how the people reacts to it. Polish your writing style and try writing about several topics in order for you to get the hang of it.

Get writing gigs and earn money online. There are several webmasters and website owners willing to pay $5 per article. Interested? Then read my blog post about getting a job online.

Awesome List of Job Sites

I have already covered the basics of working online like how you get to be paid and withdrawing your earnings as well as what jobs you’d want. If you haven’t read those, then here are the links:

Working at Home Careers | Which job is for you?

Ways to Get Paid

How to Withdraw your Earnings

Also, I have mentioned in my first blog that there are several ways to earn money online so I’ll do my best to categorize these job sites and provide as much description as possible.

My Personal List of Job Sites

Craigslist – This is an online classified ads that you can definitely look for jobs ranging from writers to web developers and jobs abroad. You do not need to create an account or sign up for anything.

Tip: The email address of the employees are changed in to this format:  I specifically mention this because there are several friends of mine who are confused on how they will send their resumes and application letters. The main purpose of this obscurity is to protect the employer from spam.

Craigslist is a good avenue to look for jobs, however, you have to be careful because there are several people who posted jobs with very low salaries. Try looking at other job sites and compare rates.

OnlineJobs.Ph – Another online job directory. This one is a giant and needs to be set up properly. You need to create an account and sign-up. They provided an online resume that you can fill up with your skills and such. Be as accurate as possible when rating your skills on different levels because it helps employers gauge you.

Tip: Upload a video of yourself if that’s possible to increase chances of getting hired. Also, create a knockout summary of your skills and basically sell yourself.

After creating your account, you will be amazed that several employers are willing to interview you! I am not saying that it is this easy but as time goes by and your experience is piling up, you’ll pretty much receive invites straight to your email. When you’re hired by an employer, your resume will be marked as hired. 

Freelance Sites

I separated these list of websites because they are basically into a system of freelancing. They have their rules and they perform as a middleman between you and your employer. They also have time tracker that takes screenshots of your pc, a payment system in which you are billed by the hours that you worked, and the bidding system.

Odesk – You need to create account and undergo several process of verification. To be a odesk contractor, you have to submit valid ID’s or proof of identification to their webmaster before lift the limit of job quota that you have. For a non verified contractor, the quota is set to 2, but if you’re verified already, that is set to 20 job quotas. Job Quotas refers to the number of companies or clients that you can send your application letter. If after several days and you haven’t heard from them, you can remove them so you can apply to others.

Tip: Several freelancers bid on a project or a job. I do not recommend lowering your rates just to win a job as you are just picking up a large stone to hit your head. Think of a reasonable rate and make sure that you can justify it.

Elance – Pretty much the same system with odesk.

Well, there you have it. My list is very short since I am just mentioning those job sites that are AWESOME! Now, I suggest that you sign up, create a profile of yourself and see how it goes.

Happy Job Hunting!