How to Become A Freelance Writer

This is based from my experience and again I am not claiming to be perfect. I would like to share my journey as a freelance writer and if you’ll be able to pick up something from my post, then good!

Writers? Who need them Anyway?

Freelance WriterFrankly, there will be no shortage for people needing writers. But mind you, this job is open to everybody that can write decent articles but few makes a living out of it. Why is that? People want fresh content and not just re hashed content from other websites. The search engines will rank your articles based on your topic and if it very good, people will read it. You may have noticed a big difference from writing web content to blogs and that of article directories such as the use of subjects and pronouns. Meaning, the word “you” is not allowed in article directories as well as sales pitches. Conversational type of writing is best for blogs like what I am doing now (I’m talking to you…)

When requested to write an article, be sure to ask where your article will be submitted and adjust your writing style.  

What the article is all about?

Writing StyleEmployers are pretty specific in the subject that you are going to write about. For example, they indicated in their ad that they are looking for people that can write about health related topics, then the person suitable is the one most likely with a background in medicine or health. If not, then make sure that you can do intensive research and write an article as if you knew the subject!

I have written a blog post that if you do not know something, then certainly you can ask google! Research, research, research. Gather lots of material and write from your heart.

Easy? Yeah, right! My advice is for you to choose topics that you know something about and try to read about different subject matters in your spare time. You can ask your employer for some extension if you can’t come up with a decent article, better than turning in a half-baked one that will be rejected anyway.

What is the Rate Per Article?

This is pretty vague but if you put in effort to write your article I am sure that you want to get paid decently. There are several people taking advantage of the newbies, therefore, make a counter offer. $3 per article is a very good deal and make sure that the article has good quality.

 I Want to Be a Freelance Writer, Where Can I Find Writing Jobs?

Try reading my post for the best job sites. Those are your best bet.

Create several sample articles that you can publish on the web about any subject matter. Employers are going to ask for those as well as request you to undergo a test. 

Good Luck!


If You Don’t Know Something about Anything, Ask Google!


The title of this post came to me when I tried to work online. Since I am a newbie, I tried looking up several tutorials to help me learn anything and be qualified for a job.

The biggest giant of all search engines out there is Google. I do not need to expound on this because I am pretty sure that you query terms on this search engine everyday for whatever purpose. Students look for ideas, research and assignments on the internet and they immediately type on the browser. How’s that? Writers look for materials to write about, as well other people on all walks of life.

Typing the Right Word

Have you experienced typing such a long string of words on Google and sifting through the search results pages for the information that you needed? I’m sure you do. How about getting results not even related to what you are looking for? Have you wondered how Google displays the results according to your search terms?

Knowing the right search terms or keywords will help you get the results that you needed fast and accurate on several websites; on the other hand, not doing it right will give you information that is not related to your subject.

freelancerWho Writes The Content

After typing in the keywords and getting results, you are going sift through the pages to look for a site that has the facts or information that you needed. Who wrote that content? How were they able to publish it online? They are authors or bloggers that write content for websites or their own blogs.

Content is King

Google is looking for fresh, new content everyday. Therefore, if you can write original articles, you can definitely earn money. Website owners are also looking for people to write content to promote their products or websites. It’s a chain and writers play the most important part.

If you love writing and can write about different topics, then why not become a freelance writer?