How to Get Quality Backlinks

SEO comptitionIn the virtual war of search engine rankings, there is no doubt that good quality backlinks are important. Webmasters, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, internet marketing specialist and the rest of the crew are working hand in hand to obtain that golden prize: Rank 1 on Google search engine.

How to get quality backlinks? There are several ways to get links but the most effective way to do it would be doing it naturally. Backlinks are very important but the main concern lies on how to acquire it. The basic thing that should be remembered is that, if you have great page content, then websites are going to link to you in time. And the more links you have, the more you are considered an authority in your chosen niche. However, having a great content on your site doesn’t guarantee that people are going to read it much less able to view on search engines. Therefore, the next step is to do some marketing and building links along the way.

More backlinks are always welcome and there are a lot of ways that you can build quality backlinks which may include any of the following:

  • Directory listing or submission
  • Forum and blog posting
  • Writing blogs
  • Submitting articles to article directories
  • Social bookmarking
  • Making use of social media sites like twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Press Releases

There are also ways to get links but are frowned upon by search engines. Be careful when doing any of the following:

  • Purchasing links from directories or websites
  • Farming links
  • Linking to porn sites, gambling sites, or any websites that has illegal content
  • Interlinking

The next thing is to figure out where to get quality backlinks. If you are using the services of an SEO firm it is an advantage to know what they are doing for your website. Usually, softwares like Market Samurai, SEnuke, Backlinkbuilder Tools enables you to find websites that you can link to using the keywords that you have provided. You can either export those links in a spreadsheet from and then you can visit each site to check if you are allowed to post an article, leave a comment with a link to your site, a message or just a link! It’s a free market of links out there and it’s up to you to choose which ones are the best for your site.

When getting quality backlinks, it also necessary to know what “not” to do. There are several ways you need to avoid, especially, link exchange. The process is really simple, they will give you a link but they will put theirs on your site as well. This is not really healthy when you think about the “link juice” concept. The more sites that you are exchanging links the lower the quality of your site becomes because the quality gets divided. Secondly, most of these sites are link farms and if found out by search engines, your website will most likely be banned.

Last but not the least; avoid linking to suspicious sites that may be hosting malicious content. Again, the concept is easy. Linking to these site means that you have linked to “bad neighbors” and will reflect the status of your website.

(This is how I do my link building,again, there are several tutorials out there and I am not some kind of a guru but I hope you learn something)