A New Chapter | Working in a Call Center

After three years of working at home as an SEO project manager, writing articles, reviews and blogging I have finally moved on and I am now working as a call center professional in a company.

Many of you might have been wondering why I made this career change and I have exchanged my lifestyle to a totally different field, I would say I finally made the biggest decision in my career.

My main reason for working at home was for me to be able to work and watch my kids at the same time. My kids are now grown up and they are starting to go to school and have fun I thought it would do me good to get back on the fast paced environment filled with constant challenge. Working at home three years have helped me realized a lot of things about being a mom and a career woman at the same time. I have also realized that I have subconsciously been letting go of my friends and relationships.

After a lot of thinking, I consulted my husband regarding my decision to work in a call center and he did agree!

I am still available for consultation if you need assistance in working online. Send me an email at the following email address:

rkutubuki @ gmail.com


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