Buying Galore at EBAY!

Well! I have done nothing but purchase books at ebay for the past couple of months. In just a short span of time, I acquired more than 52 books. I haven’t even read them all and I am on to ebay or amazon and hunting them down. My goal was to complete the Jude Deveraux Velvet Series.

Why I chose to complete this series? Jude Deveraux’s Velvet series is a historical romance based on 3 brothers. Each is an alpha male and stubborn, pig-headed you might say but totally in love with their heroines. Anyway, my post is about my experience buying books online.

My Bookshelf | Buying Books Online


In order for me to manage these books and keep track of them, I use GOODREADS. I can sort my books in shelves, tag them and give reviews. On the right hand side of my homepage here, you can see that I added a widget from goodreads so you can see what I am reading and what I have read so far.

I have also met personally an ebay seller from Manila who traveled to my province to sell me the books. Actually, she had another purpose so we met at Casa Leticia in downtown area. I asked her if selling books online is a lucrative business. She said that the profit is slow in coming because not all people read books nowadays.

I have also consulted several of my friends and they agreed that it is much more convenient to get PDF copies of books and read them on a table on kindle. To me, nothing beats the feeling of reading the book, the smell of the pages.

Hooray for a book junkie 🙂


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