Hesitating Mom

Are you hesitating to Work Online?

Hesitating to Work at HomeWorking at home is easier and more convenient than working at an office. It is a becoming trend for businessmen to hire personal assistants and employees to work at home but people are still skeptic about the success of a homebased career. There are two things to remember when I am discussing home-based work, this is in fact a work and I have an employer. I do not own any home-based business that I am promoting although I truly want to start one myself.

A close friend of mine was curious about the nature of my work and I explained thoroughly what I do for a living.Hesitating Mom Somehow, she got the notion that all I am doing is Facebook-ing online. That is hardly what I do but I do not deny that I am online on Facebook.

My friend’s outlook on a home-based career is not uncommon and we are usually looked down upon and ridiculed by people who thought we are wasting time and we do not have stable jobs. Working at home and in an office presents the same problems of being fired from an employer if you do not perform well. Also, you get your paycheck but working at home may also have some drawbacks in terms of getting paid. I believe it is just a matter of patience.