Social Networking | Should you be “friends” with your Boss on Facebook

social networkingConnections are very important nowadays and Facebook, the social network giants has millions of subscribers and growing even larger each day. You can see the power of social networking has reached even the search engine optimization as well as employment areas.  Some companies will require you to add your project manager at work. The purpose is not to watch or monitor your private life but mainly to maintain close contact as possible.

In freelancing, there are several instances that employers will not tolerate you spending too much time on facebook and other social networking sites because it tends to lower down your productivity by the end of the day.

When social networking, should you add your employer as a friend on Facebook?

I personally know a couple of friends who do have their employers added on their friends list. I checked up on their boss’ profile and I was amazed that they maintained a professional account. All they have in their profiles are their interests clients and prospects but they do not post anything personal in their news feeds.


I suggest that you keep separate accounts and do not merge your personal and professional profile. Some companies perform employee checks and anything out of ordinary in your social media profiles might just be your ruin. Be socially responsible and maintain a professional profile on social media sites like Linkedin, MySpace etc.

Social networking is a way to communicate and share with people, therefore identify which of your circles will be most interested in what you have to share. Your employer won’t be really interested in knowing what you ate for dinner or what you’re doing at the moment. Proper social behavior should be observed at all time especially if you have decided to add them in your personal account.

Social networking sites you should Consider

Linkedin professionalsLinkedin is a very good social network sites for professionals and you can also post updates, what books you like and other kind of stuff usually present in social networking. The advantage of keeping a profile in this website is that companies will be able to search for you in the database if you have met the qualifications that they are looking for. That in itself is a bonus.

Here comes Google + which is more than a social networking site and it let’s you manage your “circles” and keep control what you share with them. It’s very easy to use and offers great potential for building relationships to your employers and friends without sacrificing anything on your end!


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