My Husband is a Programmer | Is it Possible to Land a Job as a Web Developer?

web developerMy husband was probably the first person that introduced and encouraged me to work online although I was already on blogging before we even met. He was a computer programmer and was working as a part-time freelancer slicing designs into themes. He is also a part-time professor at a local college.

How’d he get to work online?

It wasn’t easy as he didn’t have any portfolio he can show to potential employers and he is really shy. I motivated him to find a job for him to practice and harness his skills. As a newbie, he’d bid for projects at elance or odesk and work at it, giving it his all. When he had enough experience and confidence to apply for serious work, he looked for a small company that would give him the chance but still no luck. Then, we had a friend who designs webpages, banners and headers who referred him and that’s how my husband got his big break.

Did we experience ever getting scammed online?

Of course we did! But if you ever experience this, do not lose hope and just move on.

Always keep a soft copy of your project and discuss rights to your employer.

This is important so that you won’t have problems with rights regarding your work in the future. This will also help you get nods or credentials from people in your industry.  Build your professional online presence by asking for recommendations or testimonials. Keep them diligently and if you have enough money, buy a hosting account and set up your own website. Put all your work and do a little marketing. Ask your friends to drop by your site.

Work as a web developer onlineWork as a Web Developer Online

If you are a computer science graduate or equivalent, I am sure that there is no better practice field for you than getting an online job. Get as much training as you can and never hesitate to ask assistance from senior web developers if you ran into problems.

Browse through forums and tutorials like NETTUTS where you’ll be able to learn loads of stuff of free. Study whenever you have the chance and improve your coding skills. Also, since the internet is constantly updating stuff, it might do you good to learn and expand.


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