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Social Networking | Should you be “friends” with your Boss on Facebook

social networkingConnections are very important nowadays and Facebook, the social network giants has millions of subscribers and growing even larger each day. You can see the power of social networking has reached even the search engine optimization as well as employment areas.  Some companies will require you to add your project manager at work. The purpose is not to watch or monitor your private life but mainly to maintain close contact as possible.

In freelancing, there are several instances that employers will not tolerate you spending too much time on facebook and other social networking sites because it tends to lower down your productivity by the end of the day.

When social networking, should you add your employer as a friend on Facebook?

I personally know a couple of friends who do have their employers added on their friends list. I checked up on their boss’ profile and I was amazed that they maintained a professional account. All they have in their profiles are their interests clients and prospects but they do not post anything personal in their news feeds.


I suggest that you keep separate accounts and do not merge your personal and professional profile. Some companies perform employee checks and anything out of ordinary in your social media profiles might just be your ruin. Be socially responsible and maintain a professional profile on social media sites like Linkedin, MySpace etc.

Social networking is a way to communicate and share with people, therefore identify which of your circles will be most interested in what you have to share. Your employer won’t be really interested in knowing what you ate for dinner or what you’re doing at the moment. Proper social behavior should be observed at all time especially if you have decided to add them in your personal account.

Social networking sites you should Consider

Linkedin professionalsLinkedin is a very good social network sites for professionals and you can also post updates, what books you like and other kind of stuff usually present in social networking. The advantage of keeping a profile in this website is that companies will be able to search for you in the database if you have met the qualifications that they are looking for. That in itself is a bonus.

Here comes Google + which is more than a social networking site and it let’s you manage your “circles” and keep control what you share with them. It’s very easy to use and offers great potential for building relationships to your employers and friends without sacrificing anything on your end!

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My Husband is a Programmer | Is it Possible to Land a Job as a Web Developer?

web developerMy husband was probably the first person that introduced and encouraged me to work online although I was already on blogging before we even met. He was a computer programmer and was working as a part-time freelancer slicing designs into themes. He is also a part-time professor at a local college.

How’d he get to work online?

It wasn’t easy as he didn’t have any portfolio he can show to potential employers and he is really shy. I motivated him to find a job for him to practice and harness his skills. As a newbie, he’d bid for projects at elance or odesk and work at it, giving it his all. When he had enough experience and confidence to apply for serious work, he looked for a small company that would give him the chance but still no luck. Then, we had a friend who designs webpages, banners and headers who referred him and that’s how my husband got his big break.

Did we experience ever getting scammed online?

Of course we did! But if you ever experience this, do not lose hope and just move on.

Always keep a soft copy of your project and discuss rights to your employer.

This is important so that you won’t have problems with rights regarding your work in the future. This will also help you get nods or credentials from people in your industry.  Build your professional online presence by asking for recommendations or testimonials. Keep them diligently and if you have enough money, buy a hosting account and set up your own website. Put all your work and do a little marketing. Ask your friends to drop by your site.

Work as a web developer onlineWork as a Web Developer Online

If you are a computer science graduate or equivalent, I am sure that there is no better practice field for you than getting an online job. Get as much training as you can and never hesitate to ask assistance from senior web developers if you ran into problems.

Browse through forums and tutorials like NETTUTS where you’ll be able to learn loads of stuff of free. Study whenever you have the chance and improve your coding skills. Also, since the internet is constantly updating stuff, it might do you good to learn and expand.

What to Tell your Employer in an Interview

What to tell the employer in an interviewI just had a nerve-wracking interview with a potential employer regarding an SEO/Link Builder position and after writing how-to’s and stuff in this blog, you would expect me to answer smoothly and confidently. It was dinnertime and a lot of kids and family members are loitering around, I cannot get a moment of peace. So when the phone rang, I took a couple of seconds to compose myself and whoa, my heart was beating so fast.

As a freelancer and a person looking for jobs frequently, I had been browsing the internet for how-to’s regarding writing resume’s, prepping yourself etc and different advises on what to do and what’s not but I believe it’s up to you.

If asked about your skills, will you tell honestly or exaggerate?

This is a constant problem with freelancers or basically all people who are looking for jobs. Wanting to get a job usually puts people on the edge. Personally, I believe in keeping it simple and honest. Avoid overdoing or exaggerating your skills or you’ll find yourself jobless in just a short period of time.

Highlight what you can do best and do not forget to give references. Employers doesn’t expect you to be perfect and knowledgeable in all areas, so do not hesitate to tell them you don’t know a single thing about web programming (wink).

If you got lucky and land the job, organize your time so that you can have a little time to spend on learning new areas of the job. Also, there is no need to aim to get a degree on some areas just a little know-how will get you through.

By telling the truth about what you can and can’t do, your employer can leverage and adjust his game plan and maybe find another person suitable to handle the things that you can’t. That way, you’ll be able to keep your job.

If asked about your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a trap question! Just kidding. Your potential employer probably wants to know how you’d react and handle tricky questions like these. I believe that it’s best when you outline your skills and tell which ones you’re good at and which ones aren’t. This way, you’d clear all assumptions and not expect too much from you.

Throw in something about a situation that you have been into in the past and relate how your were able to solve the problem. It’s really important to rely on your experience and show that what you are capable of.  If you have a weakness, be proud of it but I am not saying that you go around telling people about it. Should always do something to improve yourself.

If your weakness is somewhat related to a certain qualification, do not hesitate to mention that you are willing to undergo further training to improve your skills.

If asked about the time schedule you’re going to keep?

There are several employers that doesn’t mind that a contractor keeps his own hours. By keeping hours, I mean that you are allowed to control your time and can work anytime as long as you were able to finish  your tasks for the day within the allotted time. Full time work is 40 hours per week and if you missed a day, you are allowed to extend it on weekends.

Check out the timezone that your client/employer is in and reference it to your hours. Overlap at least 3-4 hours to their time so you’d have time to talk and discuss matters. It also impresses employers that you are willing to work their hours. Others designate the hours that an employee should work as they do not want them working early in the morning or late at night in the belief that contractors aren’t productive in those times.

If asked about your expected salary?

Another tricky question. I read an article from Yahoo that the one that quotes the price first loses. Sometimes this is not the case, although I let employers quote the salary first. If I find it too low because of the tasks that I am assigned to do, I do not hesitate to give them my opinion. It’s actually a good move to negotiate on your pay as employers want to have happy people on the team. When asking for a raise in the negotiation, indicate the reasons why you are asking for that amount. Give relevant reasons and justify your actions. Most often than not, they will appreciate that you were being honest to them rather than looking for a second job to have a good income.