Working at Home Careers – Which job is for you?

There are different jobs for different people. Here’s a list of jobs that you can do depending on the skills that you have.

taking surveys1)      Taking Surveys. There are a lot of programs online that’ll help you start this online job. Basically, all you got to do is answer surveys from several companies and you are paid per survey that you have completed. In that case, the more surveys you were able to complete that day, the more money you have. One thing that you have to remember is to verify if that program is legitimate.

2)      Writer. Content is king. I have read this somewhere and I totally agree with it. There will be no shortage for the need of content. So, if you love writing about difference niches, then this job is definitely for you. The pay may be low at first as you are tested in quality and frequency but will soon go up when you have mastered article or content writing.

3)      Graphics Artists. There are two ways that you can work if you are a graphics artist. You can sell your services through websites like wherein you will create or design per project or you can work full time for a company.

4)      Virtual Assistant. Working as a virtual assistant is like a secretary except that you don’t have to make coffee for your boss (kidding). You are responsible for admin tasks, customer interaction and the likes.

Virtual Assistant5)      Mystery Shopping. If you love shopping, then this is your niche. You get to shop and look for unique items for a client.

6)      Buy and Sell. This job is more like e-commerce, where you sell your stuff online. If you do not have your own website, then you can make use of websites like ebay, amazon, etc.

7)      Affiliate Marketing. I am sure you are familiar with affiliate marketing. You sell products from companies and earn commissions when you have sales using the unique ID given to you by your affiliate program. You can sign up with Clickbank, Amazon and other websites that offers affiliate program. There are also several ways to do this; you can set up your own website to market the products or advertisement them on blogs and other web2.0 sites.

8)      Blogging. You can earn through royalties and Google Adsense program through blogging. You have to make sure your content is readable and people can relate to it.

9)      Developer. A software developer or programmer who has skills that are important to internet marketing or the likes has the potential to earn big bucks. You can work for a company, sell your services or create/develop your own program and sell it.

10)   Consultant. If you are an expert in the field of business, relationship and personality development you can earn extra income doing what you love.

There are more jobs that you can think of, what you need is patience and you have to love what you are doing.


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