How to Get Quality Backlinks

SEO comptitionIn the virtual war of search engine rankings, there is no doubt that good quality backlinks are important. Webmasters, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, internet marketing specialist and the rest of the crew are working hand in hand to obtain that golden prize: Rank 1 on Google search engine.

How to get quality backlinks? There are several ways to get links but the most effective way to do it would be doing it naturally. Backlinks are very important but the main concern lies on how to acquire it. The basic thing that should be remembered is that, if you have great page content, then websites are going to link to you in time. And the more links you have, the more you are considered an authority in your chosen niche. However, having a great content on your site doesn’t guarantee that people are going to read it much less able to view on search engines. Therefore, the next step is to do some marketing and building links along the way.

More backlinks are always welcome and there are a lot of ways that you can build quality backlinks which may include any of the following:

  • Directory listing or submission
  • Forum and blog posting
  • Writing blogs
  • Submitting articles to article directories
  • Social bookmarking
  • Making use of social media sites like twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Press Releases

There are also ways to get links but are frowned upon by search engines. Be careful when doing any of the following:

  • Purchasing links from directories or websites
  • Farming links
  • Linking to porn sites, gambling sites, or any websites that has illegal content
  • Interlinking

The next thing is to figure out where to get quality backlinks. If you are using the services of an SEO firm it is an advantage to know what they are doing for your website. Usually, softwares like Market Samurai, SEnuke, Backlinkbuilder Tools enables you to find websites that you can link to using the keywords that you have provided. You can either export those links in a spreadsheet from and then you can visit each site to check if you are allowed to post an article, leave a comment with a link to your site, a message or just a link! It’s a free market of links out there and it’s up to you to choose which ones are the best for your site.

When getting quality backlinks, it also necessary to know what “not” to do. There are several ways you need to avoid, especially, link exchange. The process is really simple, they will give you a link but they will put theirs on your site as well. This is not really healthy when you think about the “link juice” concept. The more sites that you are exchanging links the lower the quality of your site becomes because the quality gets divided. Secondly, most of these sites are link farms and if found out by search engines, your website will most likely be banned.

Last but not the least; avoid linking to suspicious sites that may be hosting malicious content. Again, the concept is easy. Linking to these site means that you have linked to “bad neighbors” and will reflect the status of your website.

(This is how I do my link building,again, there are several tutorials out there and I am not some kind of a guru but I hope you learn something)


How To Become A Link Builder | How To Build Links

This is my personal tutorial on how to build links. I have already shared the importance of having links pointing to your site.

Backlinks increases your authority on your niche. Quality is better than quantity.

There are several ways that you can build links. I will be sharing most of them but I don’t necessarily endorse some of it.

Link BuildingWays to Build Links

Article Writing and SubmissionArticles – I cannot stress the importance of having content submitted to an article directory with a link back to your site. However, when Google released the Panda algorithm, several content farm websites have been penalized like and

Write an article about your niche and use keywords. Also, it is not advisable to stuff it with too much keywords that it is not readable and interesting, keep your keywords at least 2%. It might not be published and considered as spam by article directories. This is very time consuming because you have to create several copies of original content and submit them to article directories. The approval rate of the articles usually lasts for a week or two.

Article Directories 1

Article Directories 2

Web 2.0 Sites

Web 2.0 Sites/Blogs 

Submitting blog posts is a very common method of building links. The concept is very similar to that of article directories but the style of writing is different. This is also great if you want to target specific readers and harness the potential of web 2.0. Web 2.0 is incorporated with social media sites like facebook and twitter therefore sharing content is easier. You can also post pictures, videos and other media to entice readers to your post.

Make your blog post as engaging as possible and connect with your readers and fellow authors. WordPress, squidoo and blogger are among the most famous blogging platforms.

Guest posting is another way of posting content to someone else’s blog. It is better if you write a guest post to a blog that is relevant to your niche.

List of Web 2.0 Blogs

Blog Commenting and Forum PostingBlog Commenting/Forum Posting

This is an old timer and a difficult one to achieve. You look for blogs and forums related to your keywords or website and share relevant information or feedback. Do not spam or your comment will never get approved. Because of comment spam, most of the blogs have no follow tag in them (this will be discussed further on a separate blog post) and what we want are do follow blogs. In my opinion, you need both do follow and no follow links because Yahoo doesn’t filter no follow links. As long as you shared great comments to the blog then you can get a fair share of traffic to your website.

When searching for blogs, you can use Google Blog Search and for forums you can try looking for forums at linkedin, myspace and other forum sites.

List of 51 Do Follow Blogs

RSS Submission

RSS Submission

The orange logo with waves! That’s a great tool that you shouldn’t take for granted. Submitting your blog or content to RSS sites can give you links and awesome traffic. This is used by bloggers to “alert” readers of new content on the web. This minimizes the time you’ll spend looking for new content right?

List of Free RSS Submission Sites

Social Bookmarking

Most of the social bookmarking websites have implemented no follow tags in them but Google thinks otherwise and regards websites that have been bookmarked several times as “good”.

List of Social Bookmarking Sites With High PR

Social Bookmarking

Video Syndication

We love videos because it is easier to watch and listen than reading a whole page of tutorial right? Well then, if you have something great to share, try uploading a video on it on YouTube and syndicate/distribute a copy on other video hosting websites. Lot’s of traffic and you get free links!

List of Video Sharing Sites

Directory Submission/Maps Optimization

Local websites or business that have offices namely, restaurants, firms, clinics, repair shops and others will greatly benefit from directory submission. This will let readers and customers leave feedback and find you easy on the map. Most websites have google map already integrated so people can find their way to their establishments. Make sure to put in a correct contact number, address and lots of pertinent information about your business.

Requesting Links

A very old way to build links but definitely one that works. You can email the webmasters or blog owners and ask them for a link. Sounds easy? Sure! But consider how many others like you are requesting them for links? Read resources online on how to request links and follow them. Of course you can’t just ask them outright!

These ways that I have mentioned will help you build links naturally. There is no way you can rush things so you’d better be prepared. There are numerous programs or software out there that can help you automate the submission process and minimize the length of time it will take you to manually create accounts, submit and verify altogether. Use those programs with the word “moderation” in mind.

How to Put A Link/Hyperlink

Websites differ in their ways to accepting codes. HTML is the most common.

Here is a pattern:

<a href=;>micro jobs</a>


micro jobs

Replace the red words with the URL of the website (that’s on the address bar) and the violet words are your keywords. So when you click on the word micro job you’ll be directed to the website that I have indicated in the code.

Very Easy! Here’s a Video Tutorial!

Note: There are hundreds of ways to build links and I just scratched the surface here in my post.  I will be discussing more how to’s on specific ways of building links. Subscribe to my blog to receive updates!

How To Get Your Website on the First Page of Google

SEO and Link BuildingHere we go again. I am not an expert but as my blog indicated these are just my ideas and I want to share them with you and hopefully, you’ll get something out of it. This is how I understood the process of SEO and Link Building, if you have comments and suggestion then feel free to leave a comment. That way, I’ll be able to broaden my knowledge of the subject matter.

Let’s move on…

I am going to discuss why it is very important to have your website on the first page of Google and it may sound very common but at least you understood the basics rather than reading a very complicated explanation of the process.

The Scenario

How did you came about my post? Well, the answer might be different from each person. If you are trying to type in the google search bar with this keyword “how to get your website on the first page of Google”, you’ll most likely see this:

How To Get Your Website on The First Page of Google

That is the first page of Google’s SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). Chances are, you are going to browse those sites and read their content. I don’t have my blog there yet! Crap! This blog might be on Page 20 where nobody or just a few people will bother looking for it. It is a common habit for people to look for results or pages relevant to their search terms until page 5 but not more than that. In that case, you are missing out on a lot of traffic and potential sales!

How Does Google Determine Who Goes on What Page and Order?

Google Search ResultsBusiness owners, bloggers and the rest of the pack realized the importance of getting that coveted position and because of that they tried every method thus SEO and Link Building was born.

Google and other search engines uses an algorithm that calculates your website’s authority. The higher your authority on your keyword/search term/niche is, the better you are placed on the rankings. The problem is, Google doesn’t broadcast how their algorithm works. There are several ways to rank on Google and ultimately it is about the quality of your backlinks.



Backlinks are the those websites that are linking to you. It’s a vote saying that you have good website and such. If you have lots of this then that will establish your authority. However, it is also important to know that not all backlinks are good. Stay away from porn sites,scam sites and typical “bad neighbors” and you’ll do well.

5 Ways To Get Your Website on the First Page of Google5 Ways To Get on The First Page of Google

  1. Build plenty of backlinks – make sure to get backlinks from websites that have high page rank. Make your links natural or organic.
  2. Get your website from fresh and original content
  3. Drive traffic through social media sites and other web2.0 websites
  4. Do On-Page Optimization – optimize your website to load faster, have keywords and meta tags
  5. DO NOT RUSH! – The ultimate pitfall of all webmasters and website owners. They wanted to get their websites on Google right away. Well, that won’t work!

There you have it. The steps are pretty common and broad, but I have more posts that’ll discuss these steps in detail. To be honest, it’s a way to keep you reading my blog! (LOL)

How to Become A Freelance Writer

This is based from my experience and again I am not claiming to be perfect. I would like to share my journey as a freelance writer and if you’ll be able to pick up something from my post, then good!

Writers? Who need them Anyway?

Freelance WriterFrankly, there will be no shortage for people needing writers. But mind you, this job is open to everybody that can write decent articles but few makes a living out of it. Why is that? People want fresh content and not just re hashed content from other websites. The search engines will rank your articles based on your topic and if it very good, people will read it. You may have noticed a big difference from writing web content to blogs and that of article directories such as the use of subjects and pronouns. Meaning, the word “you” is not allowed in article directories as well as sales pitches. Conversational type of writing is best for blogs like what I am doing now (I’m talking to you…)

When requested to write an article, be sure to ask where your article will be submitted and adjust your writing style.  

What the article is all about?

Writing StyleEmployers are pretty specific in the subject that you are going to write about. For example, they indicated in their ad that they are looking for people that can write about health related topics, then the person suitable is the one most likely with a background in medicine or health. If not, then make sure that you can do intensive research and write an article as if you knew the subject!

I have written a blog post that if you do not know something, then certainly you can ask google! Research, research, research. Gather lots of material and write from your heart.

Easy? Yeah, right! My advice is for you to choose topics that you know something about and try to read about different subject matters in your spare time. You can ask your employer for some extension if you can’t come up with a decent article, better than turning in a half-baked one that will be rejected anyway.

What is the Rate Per Article?

This is pretty vague but if you put in effort to write your article I am sure that you want to get paid decently. There are several people taking advantage of the newbies, therefore, make a counter offer. $3 per article is a very good deal and make sure that the article has good quality.

 I Want to Be a Freelance Writer, Where Can I Find Writing Jobs?

Try reading my post for the best job sites. Those are your best bet.

Create several sample articles that you can publish on the web about any subject matter. Employers are going to ask for those as well as request you to undergo a test. 

Good Luck!