My First Blog | How I Became a Work at Home Mom

I have been working for several people and several companies but this is the first time that I will be writing this blog for my own purposes. I figured out that I wanted to share my knowledge with my friends and if people will like it, then maybe you can get something from my blog. I do not claim anything like I’m an expert or what but I wanted to try blogging solely for sharing information.


I am still young and I feel that there are several options in which I can share something. So let me start from my career. I worked as a call center agent for two years handling a technical account associated with networking products. I am an English major student and there is no way I’d now the end of a CAT5 cable to a router or something like that. All I knew about computers and networking is… NADA! I knew how to turn on the computer, operate it, type and search, that’s just about it. When I was doing training, I was like, what am I doing? I got the real fright of my life when a real person answered on the other end of the line and was adamant that his internet connection with AT&T is lost and he wants to get back online ASAP! Somehow, I managed that and I survived. Therefore, I can say that I know a little of configuring modems, routers, range expanders, wireless adapters, and the likes.

Working At Home

Work at Home
Work at Home Mom

I got burned out from working at a call center although the pay is very competitive. I had just given birth to my eldest son (by the way, I am pregnant with my second child) and I had all the time in my life. I was so bored! I made use of my time and looked for jobs that I can do over the internet and I was shocked that there are so many of them. I encountered pay per click ads, reading emails, answering surveys and such. I got scammed,  I did not know how to withdraw my earnings and I used my money for farmville. Yep, did that!

So, I started looking for jobs again, this time, I used “freelancing” as a keyword and I signed up on websites like elance, odesk and I got nowhere with that because I do not know anything about their requirements and I am a newbie. Then I thought of asking Google about those skills and looked for how-to’s, tutorials and videos. Soon enough, I got hired by a company based in LA for $2 an hour. Not bad. What they required me to do is basically type some documents, create business letters, schedule appointments, stuff just like a secretary. A friend of mine said that working as a virtual assistant is every bit the same as an office secretary except that you are not requested to make coffee for your boss. How true!

That was 2 years ago and now, I have varied skills that I want to share with you. Writing this first page is a step already and I hope that you will learn from my example. If you want to learn about something, there are several resources that you can use.

Till the next post!


One thought on “My First Blog | How I Became a Work at Home Mom

  1. Good on you for trying your had at blogging. It’s not going to be an easy road to make money online as a blogger as it takes a while to get it all up and running. The main thing is not to give up and to enjoy your journey. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing it will show in your posts, so relax, have fun and have a great time on your road to becoming a successful blogger.

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