If You Don’t Know Something about Anything, Ask Google!


The title of this post came to me when I tried to work online. Since I am a newbie, I tried looking up several tutorials to help me learn anything and be qualified for a job.

The biggest giant of all search engines out there is Google. I do not need to expound on this because I am pretty sure that you query terms on this search engine everyday for whatever purpose. Students look for ideas, research and assignments on the internet and they immediately type google.com on the browser. How’s that? Writers look for materials to write about, as well other people on all walks of life.

Typing the Right Word

Have you experienced typing such a long string of words on Google and sifting through the search results pages for the information that you needed? I’m sure you do. How about getting results not even related to what you are looking for? Have you wondered how Google displays the results according to your search terms?

Knowing the right search terms or keywords will help you get the results that you needed fast and accurate on several websites; on the other hand, not doing it right will give you information that is not related to your subject.

freelancerWho Writes The Content

After typing in the keywords and getting results, you are going sift through the pages to look for a site that has the facts or information that you needed. Who wrote that content? How were they able to publish it online? They are authors or bloggers that write content for websites or their own blogs.

Content is King

Google is looking for fresh, new content everyday. Therefore, if you can write original articles, you can definitely earn money. Website owners are also looking for people to write content to promote their products or websites. It’s a chain and writers play the most important part.

If you love writing and can write about different topics, then why not become a freelance writer?


Awesome List of Job Sites

I have already covered the basics of working online like how you get to be paid and withdrawing your earnings as well as what jobs you’d want. If you haven’t read those, then here are the links:

Working at Home Careers | Which job is for you?

Ways to Get Paid

How to Withdraw your Earnings

Also, I have mentioned in my first blog that there are several ways to earn money online so I’ll do my best to categorize these job sites and provide as much description as possible.

My Personal List of Job Sites

Craigslist – This is an online classified ads that you can definitely look for jobs ranging from writers to web developers and jobs abroad. You do not need to create an account or sign up for anything.

Tip: The email address of the employees are changed in to this format: jobxxxxx123@craigslist.org.  I specifically mention this because there are several friends of mine who are confused on how they will send their resumes and application letters. The main purpose of this obscurity is to protect the employer from spam.

Craigslist is a good avenue to look for jobs, however, you have to be careful because there are several people who posted jobs with very low salaries. Try looking at other job sites and compare rates.

OnlineJobs.Ph – Another online job directory. This one is a giant and needs to be set up properly. You need to create an account and sign-up. They provided an online resume that you can fill up with your skills and such. Be as accurate as possible when rating your skills on different levels because it helps employers gauge you.

Tip: Upload a video of yourself if that’s possible to increase chances of getting hired. Also, create a knockout summary of your skills and basically sell yourself.

After creating your account, you will be amazed that several employers are willing to interview you! I am not saying that it is this easy but as time goes by and your experience is piling up, you’ll pretty much receive invites straight to your email. When you’re hired by an employer, your resume will be marked as hired. 

Freelance Sites

I separated these list of websites because they are basically into a system of freelancing. They have their rules and they perform as a middleman between you and your employer. They also have time tracker that takes screenshots of your pc, a payment system in which you are billed by the hours that you worked, and the bidding system.

Odesk – You need to create account and undergo several process of verification. To be a odesk contractor, you have to submit valid ID’s or proof of identification to their webmaster before lift the limit of job quota that you have. For a non verified contractor, the quota is set to 2, but if you’re verified already, that is set to 20 job quotas. Job Quotas refers to the number of companies or clients that you can send your application letter. If after several days and you haven’t heard from them, you can remove them so you can apply to others.

Tip: Several freelancers bid on a project or a job. I do not recommend lowering your rates just to win a job as you are just picking up a large stone to hit your head. Think of a reasonable rate and make sure that you can justify it.

Elance – Pretty much the same system with odesk.

Well, there you have it. My list is very short since I am just mentioning those job sites that are AWESOME! Now, I suggest that you sign up, create a profile of yourself and see how it goes.

Happy Job Hunting!

How To Withdraw Your Earnings

There are several ways to withdraw your earnings but I will be discussing three of the most common mediums that are used.


Paypal is the most common gateway for work at home jobs and the easiest to get paid. If it is your first time setting it up, then you can sign up here. All that you need is a valid email address that is used to tie your account. You are also allowed to add multiple email accounts to your paypal.

After setting up your paypal account, you can now receive payments,however, you need to get it verified.

tip If your paypal is not verified, there is a sending and withdrawal limit policy. Therefore, you cannot use your funds to purchase online if they require a verified paypal account. Also, you cannot encash your money.

Fear not though because for you to lift the sending and withdrawal limits, all you need is a VISA credit or debit card.

I haven’t used any other card but EON Debit Card from Unionbank.

You can apply for your own eon debit card at any Unionbank branches. Just present two valid ID’s and PHP 500. The 500 Peso is needed to fund your eon account so that it can be linked to your paypal account. In the verification process, paypal deducts 250PHP on your account but is fully refundable once you have verified your account.

You’ll get your eon debit card after 5 business days. The next thing to do is enroll your eon debit card to their online banking facility. This will help you keep track of your transactions online without having to make trips to your bank. Enrollment process takes about 2-3 business days.

The process:

  • Log in to your paypal account and click on the get verified link. You will be instructed to fill out a form. (name, address, contact number, email address)
  • Put in your credit card and bank account number, the CV and the bank code. Click Verify.
  • When you are done, wait for a couple of hours then log-in to your unionbank eon cyber account and check your last ten transactions. You will see that paypal deducted and amount from your deposit money together with a 4digit code. Enter that 4 digit code on your paypal account and you’re done!

If you are more of a visual person, here is a video tutorial:

Ways to Get Paid

Everybody is looking for a job because we want to get paid, right? To be honest, it is only natural to be curious on how you get paid and the frequency of the payments when working online. I was apprehensive myself, thinking that I do not have a contract like regular companies, I do not see my employers face to face, nor do I have the capability to sue them if they run away without paying my services. So this post will hopefully answer your questions and I will try not to discourage you on working online or provide exaggerated feedbacks.


The salary or compensation depends on the your skill level or your job. If you will still require lots of training then it is only fair that you get the salary you deserve. Do not lose hope though as you will continue to learn the ropes, then you will be able to demand high salary from your employers.

Article Writer
Article Writer on ODesk

Gigs from odesk, freelancer and other freelancing sites offers hourly rates and you can set up your own hourly rate too.

Project based work is also abundant but based on my experience you’ll get paid AFTER the work is done and only 10% of the buyers will agree to upfront payment.

Jobs like virtual assistant, programmer, designer and such usually have fixed rates and the range depends again on the skill level and years of experience. The lowest salary is $250 for full-time work (40 hours per week).

Tip  Tip: If you are a newbie, you will find that your resume and applications are rejected in favor of those people with most experience. Try accepting low paying jobs first to gain experience (like MMORPG games) as you learn things. Training materials are invaluable. When you feel like you have learned a lot, try looking for high paying job later.


There are four frequencies of getting paid when you have fixed hourly rates job or per article.

  1. Monthly – You get paid once a month, either in the first day of the month or at the end.
  2. Every Fifteen Days – You’re paid every 15th and the 30th of the month.
  3. Weekly – this is the most common especially to writers and virtual assistants. However, this proves to be a strain for most employers because of the fees that they shoulder.
  4. Bi-Weekly – You get paid every other week. For me, this is much more convenient and the employers are happy as well.

Now, as I have mentioned in my previous blog, you can also earn money through answering surveys and pay per click ads. Neobux is one of the leading companies for these type of gigs. You’ll be able to withdraw your earnings when you have reached the minimum withdrawal set by the company.

Reminder There are no contracts and there is nothing you can do when your employer doesn’t pay you well. Be careful and always watch out for these type of people. Make sure that you do your job well and they will do their part.


Just like any job out there, there are no guarantees that you’ll be employed by the same company forever (uhm,long time). There are risks and there are advantages. If the project that you are working on is over, you can look for work with a good experience on hand that’ll help you land a more high paying job.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions. Please feel free to leave your comments below.


My First Blog | How I Became a Work at Home Mom

I have been working for several people and several companies but this is the first time that I will be writing this blog for my own purposes. I figured out that I wanted to share my knowledge with my friends and if people will like it, then maybe you can get something from my blog. I do not claim anything like I’m an expert or what but I wanted to try blogging solely for sharing information.


I am still young and I feel that there are several options in which I can share something. So let me start from my career. I worked as a call center agent for two years handling a technical account associated with networking products. I am an English major student and there is no way I’d now the end of a CAT5 cable to a router or something like that. All I knew about computers and networking is… NADA! I knew how to turn on the computer, operate it, type and search, that’s just about it. When I was doing training, I was like, what am I doing? I got the real fright of my life when a real person answered on the other end of the line and was adamant that his internet connection with AT&T is lost and he wants to get back online ASAP! Somehow, I managed that and I survived. Therefore, I can say that I know a little of configuring modems, routers, range expanders, wireless adapters, and the likes.

Working At Home

Work at Home
Work at Home Mom

I got burned out from working at a call center although the pay is very competitive. I had just given birth to my eldest son (by the way, I am pregnant with my second child) and I had all the time in my life. I was so bored! I made use of my time and looked for jobs that I can do over the internet and I was shocked that there are so many of them. I encountered pay per click ads, reading emails, answering surveys and such. I got scammed,  I did not know how to withdraw my earnings and I used my money for farmville. Yep, did that!

So, I started looking for jobs again, this time, I used “freelancing” as a keyword and I signed up on websites like elance, odesk and freelancer.com. I got nowhere with that because I do not know anything about their requirements and I am a newbie. Then I thought of asking Google about those skills and looked for how-to’s, tutorials and videos. Soon enough, I got hired by a company based in LA for $2 an hour. Not bad. What they required me to do is basically type some documents, create business letters, schedule appointments, stuff just like a secretary. A friend of mine said that working as a virtual assistant is every bit the same as an office secretary except that you are not requested to make coffee for your boss. How true!

That was 2 years ago and now, I have varied skills that I want to share with you. Writing this first page is a step already and I hope that you will learn from my example. If you want to learn about something, there are several resources that you can use.

Till the next post!